Episode 27

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11th Apr 2023

How about some advice and ideas for a themed wedding?!

Welcome to I'll Marry You, a podcast by Olivia Coleman: full of tips and tricks from the UK wedding scene, interviews with industry experts, and a WHOLE LOT of oversharing!

In this episode, I have been INSPIRED by the Easter season, and it felt like just the right time to talk to you all about themed weddings! What works, what... maybe doesn't, and what I personally just plain don't like. I.e. if you're planning a Lord of the Rings themed wedding, I do not want to dress up as an elf to be your celebrant. Don't get me wrong, if you're lovely people and you're paying me I'll probably do it, but I won't be happy about it.

ALSO - I wanted to let you all know in advance that we are going to be taking a break from releasing episodes over the summer as it is WEDDING SEASON and I am going to be an extremely busy little celebrant bee! So the last episode of this first... series? Season? Block of episodes? Anyway, the last one will be at the beginning of May, and then I will be back in the Autumn with more incredible stories and WONDERFUL ideas for you all my darling listeners

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I'll Marry You; the UK Wedding Podcast
Tips and tricks from the UK wedding scene, interviews with industry experts & a whole lot of oversharing
I'll Marry You is here to bring you tips and tricks on organising your wedding, interviews and profiles on the very best people in the industry, and PLENTY of oversharing from me! I'm Olivia Coleman (no, not that one), I'm a celebrant and I am here to guide you through the crazy world of the UK wedding industry with what I'm determined to make the best UK Wedding Podcast!
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