Episode 13

Published on:

30th Nov 2022

So, let's talk about co-ordinating just the most wonderful wedding

Welcome to I'll Marry You, a podcast by Olivia Coleman: full of tips and tricks from the UK wedding scene, interviews with industry experts, and a WHOLE LOT of oversharing!

In this episode, I have a lovely time talking through just what goes into planning a wedding, explain exactly how I'm connected with Paul from S Club 7, and shout out some of my all time favourite providers too!

Providers mentioned in the episode include: Buffalo Tipi Hire erecting (teehee) their Tipis, South West Marquees, South West Flags, Southern Bells bell tents, Wild Fork West, Wedding Singer Sarah Munro, LIVE illustrator Aaron Jacob Jones, The Bristol Oyster Company, Wedding Band Switch and ONLY PAUL CATTERMOLE FROM S CLUB BLOODY 7!

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I'll Marry You; the UK Wedding Podcast
Tips and tricks from the UK wedding scene, interviews with industry experts & a whole lot of oversharing
I'll Marry You is here to bring you tips and tricks on organising your wedding, interviews and profiles on the very best people in the industry, and PLENTY of oversharing from me! I'm Olivia Coleman (no, not that one), I'm a celebrant and I am here to guide you through the crazy world of the UK wedding industry with what I'm determined to make the best UK Wedding Podcast!

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